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Million Dollar Life Insurance For Cigar Smokers

Written by Jason Patterson

There are more than 17 million Americans who smoke cigars every year. That’s a lot of cigars!

There is nothing wrong with a celebratory cigar every once in a while. For a lot of people, it’s how they relax. Every year when they have a birthday, or for holidays, they want to sit down with a nice cigar and enjoy the smoke.

Cigars are healthier than smoking cigarettes every day.

One of the biggest factors an insurance company looks at is if you use any tobacco. If you’re a cigarette smoker, then you’re going are going to give you drastically higher rates for your insurance plan. But what about people who only smoke cigars and never touch a cigarette?

Smokers are at a much higher chance of being diagnosed with severe health problems like lung cancer or a heart attack. One question we get a lot at, is “how are cigars going to impact my life insurance rates?” and that’s a great question.

Is the insurance company going to view cigar smokers the same as cigarettes smokers?

We’ve talked to a lot of clients in the past about getting life insurance coverage when they smoke cigars. We’ve helped a lot of these customers get affordable coverage.

If you want to do the same, then keep on reading.

If you just want to skip straight to the insurance quotes, go ahead and use the form on the side. You’ll get access to quotes for a million dollar plan in minutes.

Cigar Smokers vs. Cigarettes Smokers

When you apply for coverage, your tobacco usage is going to impact your rates. Depending on the life insurance, they are going to view your cigar smoking differently.

Some insurance companies are going to view your cigar smoking just like smoking cigarettes, depending on how often you smoke cigars. Other insurance companies will still give you non-smoker’s rates.

As an applicant who smokes cigars, then it’s vital you find the perfect insurance company for you. Picking the right company is the difference between getting an affordable non-smoker’s policy, or getting an expensive plan that’s going to break your bank every month.

Most insurance companies are going to allow you to smoke a certain number of cigars every year before they charge you smoker’s rates. Some companies will allow you to smoke one cigar every month and will still give you non-smoker’s rates.

Other companies are automatically going to give you smoker’s rates, regardless of how often you smoke a cigar.

The difference between those two kinds of companies is literally thousands of dollars every year. It’s worth it to shop around until you hit the bullseye.

On the other hand, if you’re a cigarette smoker, then you’re going to be facing much higher premium rates.  Even as a smoker, there are several ways you can get affordable life insurance. You can’t put a price on the peace of mind your life insurance will bring you.

Risks of Smoking Cigars

Smoking cigars tend to be safer than smoking traditional cigarettes, but there are still some risks involved. Just because you aren’t inhaling the smoke doesn’t mean you are putting yourself at risk of bigger problems. Where there is smoke, there are health problems.

Just like with a cigarette, you’re still getting nicotine. Nicotine is the part of cigarettes which gets you hooked. You can find yourself addicted to cigars. Even without inhaling, the nicotine can get in your body through the lining of your mouth.

Just like with cigarettes, you’re drastically raising your chances of being diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, and lung disease.

Yes, smoking the occasional cigar is obviously safer than cigarettes, but they still aren’t 100% safe. There is no tobacco use which is going to be safe.

Getting Lower Insurance Premiums As A Cigar Smoker

One of the most important things you can do is find the perfect company. There are many companies on the market offer you life insurance, you just have to find the one which best suits your needs.

A large majority of the companies on the market are going to give you smoker’s rates. Either these companies don’t know the risk difference or they aren’t willing to take any additional risk.

The best way to ensure you’re getting the best possible plan is to get quotes from many different companies before you decide which plan is best for you. Our agents work with the best companies for cigar smokers, and we know which companies are going to give you the lowest premiums based on your application.

Eating better and improving your health are always great ways to start towards receiving lower insurance premiums. The healthier you are, the less risk you are the insurance company, equating to lower premium rates.

Just by starting a diet and getting on the treadmill, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars. Sure, it’s not the easiest way to save money, but if you stick to it, it can make a huge impact on your insurance premiums.

You don’t have to wait to apply for coverage. You can go ahead and purchase the plan and then request another medical exam after you’ve improved your health.

The company will want to see you can keep the weight off. Most companies will want to see you

As an applicant who smokes cigars, you want to improve the rest of your application. Slow down on your way to work, go to the doctor’s, get off prescriptions, get in the best shape possible. Do whatever it takes to make your application the best possible.

Life Insurance For Cigar Smokers

During the application, you’re going to take a medical exam, which will include a blood and urine test. These tests will reveal any nicotine in your body. There is no way you can lie and get past the application.

There are a lot of people who think they can just lie about their cigar smoking, but that’s going to make the whole process more complicated.

If you’ve ever been given expensive life insurance rates as a cigar smoker, then don’t worry. There are several options for affordable life insurance coverage.

Losing someone you love is never going to be an easy situation, but being left with thousands and thousands of dollars of debt is going to make the situation a thousand times worse.

If you have any questions about getting life insurance as a cigar smoker, then please contact one of our agents today. We would love to answer those questions and ensure you’re getting the best insurance plan possible.

Through our years of experience, we’ve run into just about every possible problem. We can help you navigate around the roadblocks.

If you enjoy cigars from time to time, it shouldn’t force you to get a plan with sky-high rates. Let one of our agents find you a policy which won’t make your wallet go up in smoke.

We’ve helped thousands of applicants who smoke cigars get plans they can afford.

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