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Here at, we want to help as many customers get the life insurance they need. We’ve worked with a lot of life insurance agents through the years. We’ve seen a lot of them trying to sell expensive policies which aren’t up to par. We don’t want to be like those agents. We aren’t tied.. More

SBLI Life Insurance Review - Million Dollar Policy

Written by Jason Patterson

When we talk to our customers about life insurance, and we explain some of the carriers, most of them haven’t heard of SBLI. They are not the most popular company. They don’t have a logo or jingle everyone recognizes. Just because they don’t have a celebrity spokesperson or a hilarious commercial everyone loves doesn’t mean.. More

What better name for an insurance company than Protective? It’s a fitting name for a quality insurance company. Protective Life Insurance is a huge company that deals with millions of people every year. Just because they are a “big-brand” and have a lot of customers doesn’t mean they are automatically a good choice for everyone… More

Buying life insurance can be a long and challenging process. There are thousands of different companies to choose from, all of them have different benefits and rates you have to compare. Deciding between the companies can be overwhelming and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. When you’re looking to purchase a life insurance policy,.. More